During our professional and personal life we face new challenges every time. For example, do you regularly get stuck in your work or your private life? Does it sometimes seem like everything and everyone is working against you? Do you often doubt yourself? Can you make difficult choices or say no? Do you rarely realize the goals you set yourself? Do you feel that you do not make the most of all your qualities? In short, do you feel that you are suffering your life instead of leading it?

We often miss a guideline to develop dormant strengths and to balance weaknesses. Discovering that we can use our blind spots in this way gives new energy to meet the challenges.

You will be brought to a higher level of personal development and leadership in this three-day workshop. You learn to handle your life instead of being handled by it.

  • Gain insight into your own qualities, strengths, pitfalls and blind spots
  • Develop goal-setting skills
  • Develop personal leadership (self-reflection and self-management)
  • Learn to work with attention, intuition, feelings and mind-set-influencing
  • Create success for yourself and others
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EUR 2.668

Excluding VAT – Including lunch, drinks and snacks during the workshop, personal Lumina Spark portrait and information binder.

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