Probably you knew already that most occupational diseases are caused by stress. This is costing lots of money to our companies today. But did you know as well that people only start to be aware of stress when it’s already too late? Creating awareness about overextended behaviour in an early stage is of vital importance for the health of your employees and your company. Prevention is better than cure.

 Stress is part of life. It makes us move, it’s the engine towards (self-)development and creativity. People only leave their comfort-zone to learn something new if there is a need for change. That need  is the pressure (stress) which makes us move outside the comfort-zone and makes us develop further. But because of this pressure we will exercise our qualities in a slightly forced way. This is creating a temporarily overload, which is costing extra energy. Once we feel more comfortable in the new situation, the overload will decrease and our energy level will stabilize again.

“There is no growth in your comfort zone and no comfort in your growth zone.”

In case of a short-term overload, followed by a calm period, spending this extra energy has no remaining effect on your health. But a persistent overload created by permanent stress is exhausting in the long run, and will lead to problems. Because of the unconscious  progress of this process, the bell will only ring once the effects of the overload on your health (the symptoms) can’t be denied anymore. But then it’s already too late ….

So stress prevention is only effective if it creates awareness about the unconscious process preceding the visible consequences. Our behaviour is one level deeper than the visible consequences of stress. As already mentioned earlier, we exaggerate/overextend our qualities when we are under pressure/stressed. So we should be aware of our overextended behaviour to interfere early. But how can one become aware of something unconscious?

We use the Lumina Spark personality portrait to create awareness on stress-behaviour. Besides measuring your scores on the effective use of 24 qualities, this portrait is measuring also to what extent you are using these 24 qualities in an overextended way when under pressure. This detailed overview makes it a valuable tool to recognize in an early stage the effect of stress on your own behaviour as well on the behaviour of others.

As soon as we are aware this behaviour occurs, we can investigate on which moments it occurs, how regularly and what could be the reason why it occurs. We then can also investigate which obstructive convictions are underlying the stress. Only then we are able to learn how to manage stress instead of being managed by stress. The released energy can be invested in development and growth.

On top of that, the Lumina model provides a common language, which enables colleagues to point out to each other in a neutral way without any judgment that unhealthy stress-behaviour occurs. In that way everybody can contribute to limit the bad consequences of long-term stress in the organization.


Based on this model we developed an effective stessmanagement program for organizations. Through self-investigation and mindset-change we teach people how to handle stress in their everyday activities. Are you interested? Contact us for more information on: