The security sector (as well in the private organizations as in governmental organizations) is subject to challenges caused by stressful situations, which can’t be underestimated. In order to limit the disadvantageous consequences, the development of Emotional Maturity in this sector is no unnecessary luxury, but a basic requirement.

Economic costs

There is an economic cost to a security agent’s stress behaviour in the field. This behaviour is not effective, causes energy leakage and can have disadvantageous effects on the health of security agents, so they could fall out.

We call this ‘overextended behaviour’ and it includes :

  • Tendancy to over-control
  • Argumentative attitude
  • Conflict escalation
  • Use of excessive force

We develop security agents to better predict those behaviours, so they can better prevent those behaviours. This enables them to extend their career at work and to improve the quality of life at home.

Emotional hijacking

Now that security agents are being videotaped via dashcams, body cams and mobile phone cameras, it is more important than ever that they avoid being hijacked  by their emotions.

We can measure specific qualities in each individual agent and help them to develop a range of emotionally intelligent styles, that can be applied to a variety of challenging circumstances.

Blind spots lead to Blind Behaviours

When security agents are aware of the “bright spots” and “blind spots” in their emotional intelligence, they are able to “turn up” or “turn down” their response based on the situation.

When they are able to measure and address their own overextended behaviours, they can help colleagues do the same, even in challenging circumstances.

Emotional Maturity Roadmap

Based on our experience in the development of people and our insight in the security sector, we have drawn a roadmap for the development of Emotional Maturity in order to teach security agents how to handle these specific challenges, specific to this sector, in an effective way.

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Source: Based on a contribution of Marcel Brunel, Lumina Learning US