Leiderschap ontwikkelen

Leadership:  a meaningless word? Usually we are not aware this word contains at least two meanings: a first more common meaning refers to leading others on whatever hierarchical level, as on top-level. A second meaning relates to personal leadership, which is self-management.

Both meanings are as important for a top-executive and are transferable towards the next levels and/or colleagues. That’s why it is considered as useful to develop the skills related to self-management also on top-level.

We define personal leadership as the competency to act in an effective way in whatever situation. Analysing this definition, personal leadership contains four interacting elements:


The way an individual person looks at situations and others is influenced strongly by personality aspects, because individual behaviour (natural behaviour) is linked with the personality of an individual person. Developing awareness about these mechanisms and their underlying causes, can cause the development of new behaviour (“learned behaviour”) adjusted to the situation. In this light acting means: showing chosen behaviour and communication style.


A course of action is effective once the related efforts and expenses contribute really to the realisation of the intended goal. It’s all about creating the right effect in view of the goal.


Every situation and every individual we are confronted with, will have to be approached in a specific way, in order to achieve the intended goal. Behaviour has to be the right behaviour in that specific situation in front of that specific individual.


In order to show chosen behaviour, you can develop a set of competences. Some of these competences are: making choices, guide your attention, developing empathy, creating values, live and transfer these values, demonstrate and transfer commitment, self-reflection, ….

Developing personal leadership enables you to manage your life instead of being managed by life; it contributes to success and it creates fertile collaboration.

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