Family succession guidance

After 30 – 40 years the starter of a family-business sometimes wonders how he can withdraw himself from his business. But there are several questions:

  • how can he keep his company “in the family” and still make it more professional?
  • what if the next generation is not ready for the take-over?
  • what if there is no successor in the family?
  • how can he delegate the business to a small group of dedicated people and move himself to a more distant role?

Through external coaching a project can be structured to develop the organization in order to ensure its future.

Merger guidance

Two organizations (companies or company-departments) in fusion struggle with differences in culture, values and goals. This can lead to a loss of effectiveness and result for a longer period.

Setting up an organizational development project, can speed up the integration. Consequently less energy will be lost in miscommunication, misunderstanding, power-games, territory-fights, etc.

Guidance of change-processes

Although an organization is functioning quite well, there will be permanent change.

Change easily creates resistance. Therefore coaching of the change-process will support the people, influence their mind-set and prepare them for the new situation, avoiding loss of effectiveness.

Guidance of growth

Sometimes organizations grow so fast because of their success. In such case there is not enough attention / time for organizational change to support this growth and to continue it.

An organizational development project can take away the growing pains by focusing on supporting measurements:

  • development of team-leaders
  • development of communication-skills
  • clarifying structures
  • putting the right people on the right place